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Phillipines vs Mabul/Sipidan in October

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I will be over in the South Pacific/Asia in Late September/Early October and looking at the following locations for Scuba diving:


Dumaguete, Phillipines vs Mabul/Sipidan


Mainly looking at these areas as they seem to be good value. Want to keep it to about $1500 max for 7 nights accomidation + diving. I did however see that October is the end of the rainy season in the Phillipines. Has anyone been there in October?


Would Mabul/Sipidan be any better weather wise? Its not too far from the Phillipines.


I realize October may not be the optimal time in general for that region, but am kind of stuck around that time period and just looking for the best option.


I don't mind a little shower here and there, but just don't want it rainy all day.


I have been to Lembeh before and other dive locations (Komodo, Irian Jaya, Wakitobi) in Indonesia seem to be really expensive. Paticularily the Flights to the remote locations. I have found some discounted airlines in Asia that have cheap travel to Malaysia/Phillipines so they seem to be a more reasonable destination.


Any input is appreciated.





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