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Shark image used to sell shark fin soup

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How about this for a shocking image:-




Yes, if the British government get their own way, this is how orphan images could be used. For whatever purpose the finder chooses. For whatever price someone else thinks is "market rate". The creator of the image will have no say in how their work is portrayed.


Do you want to sit back and see images used in this way? Or do you want to stop orphan works?


If you want to take action and stop our government enacting this kind of law, please visit Stop 43 Org. But action is needed NOW. Time is running out.


Thanks in advance.


(Apologies for this shameless plug. I know its the Conservation topic....but we need all the support we can get to block this Bill....how about "conserving the right of photographers to say "no"? Tenuous? You bet. Necessary? You bet.)

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