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Ikelight housing Tri-pod(s)

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Disclaimer up front... I am not associated with Ultralight. Just a pleased customer of their products.


About a week ago one of the discussions was about the underside of some of the newly released Ikelight housings...

There are now three threaded holes there. I was going to check out what would be required to use those holes and

a few Ultralight fittings/arms to create a tri-pod support system, mainly for video shots with the Canon 7D or 5DMKII.


I found that as good as the Ikelight tray is, another option is for you to take it off and use a different setup.


The replacement tray I'm writing about is the Ultralight TR-SBLD. The advantages???


1) lighter in construction


2) smaller for travel


3) the handles (ultralight AC-H) are a more sturdy design and don't allow the strobes to flex/flop around the way the Ikelite handles.


4) versatile design lets you modify/add extras if needed....


OK.. thats the tray/handle setup that is the base for the tri-pod implementation shown below.


To create a tri-pod setup using the Ultralight components is very easy with the tray setup...


1) attach (screw in) a AD-1420 Ball onto the bottom of the tray at three locations, Left side, middle and right side,

the threaded holes are already on the tray.


2) take three clamps, AC-CS, and three arms, DB-08, and now attach the arms to the ball with the clamps.


3) adjust the arms for any particular stance you need the camera housing at for shooting the shots/video.


Its that simple... works fantastic. :-)


Some advantages...


1) for travel, you don't have to take the setup completely apart... just loosen the three clamps and fold the arms under the tray...

when in the travel position the setup is about 14" x 4" package for packing in your bag...


2) for diving, you can keep the seup in the travel position, arms folded under the tray, until you need it.


3) the spread of the 3 seperate arm/ball attachment is much more steady/stronger than a single point connection solution because

the balls are spread over a ~ 12" span under the housing tray.


4) the front arm can be extended out in front of the housing for use while shooting macro shots to steady the housing. While the left and

right arms are folded up under the tray...


5) the tri-pod arms are strong enough that when folded under the housing tray, they can be used as a handle when you are being handed

the housing at the front of the dive or you handing the housing out of the water at the end of the dive...


6) topside you can now use the tri-pod to hold the housing while your working on it at the camera table...


7) obviously you also get to choose the length of the arms that you want to use for the tri-pod...


Just in case your interested in this setup here is the parts list...


1 each TR-SBLD tray

2 each AC-H Handles (grey)

3 each DB-08 arms

3 each AC-CS double clamps

3 each AD-1420 Balls


And as an added option... Ultralight also makes a tripple clamp that works great as a small point and shoot housing tri-pod or for any size camera topside tri-pod. And if you already have the arms..


The part is listed as AC-TRI



Last note: If you decide you want to use the Ikelite tray that came with your camera.. just screw in the three balls in the three threaded holes on the bottom of the tray, add the clamp/arms and it too works.. its just not as steady because the spread of the balls is much shorter... but it does work fine....



Hope this info helps...

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