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Grey Nurse Shark

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I took this shot not long ago at Magic Point, Maroubra, Sydney. A great dive, with about 5/6 young endangered Grey Nurse Sharks.There is an estimated 300/500 sharks of this type left on the coast of NSW. Currently, there are 10 critical habitat sites that the State Government has identified as aggregation locations for these sharks on the east coast of NSW. Unfortunately, in a half hearted effort to look good, and bowing to the fishing lobby, the Government still allow people to fish in these critical habitats. I have dived at a number of these sites and have seen many of these sharks, with fishing hooks caught in their mouth, gills, or body. Obviously this type of interference with their natural well being has a great effect on their existence. I'm sure a lot of people out there are familiar with this type of pathetic response from our so called leaders.


Sorry for the rant.


Comment on the Photo are more than welcome.




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