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Ikelite D100 Housing, DS50 etc. etc.

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For Sale:

1. Ikelite D100 Housing (Ver. 1)

2. Ikelite DS50 substrobe (new model sells for over $500 with arm)

3. Flat Port # 5502.41

4. Strobe arm comprised of components (Fx2, G, E, A)

5. Ikelite TTL slave

6. 55mm diopter kit (+1,2,4)

7. Underwater Kinetics Tundra Case


The housing and flat port were purchased used from two separate individuals in 2007. They are both in very good condition. Each comes with an o-ring (a spare is available for the housing).


The housing is the first version of the d100 housing -- it's slightly bigger and there is a bit more room inside than the newer molded ones. I'm not sure if it would be able to fit other cameras in there, i haven't tried.


The DS substrobe and TTL slave were purchased new in 2004. They have seen limited use and are in good condition and work as they should. See here for item: http://www.ikelite.com/strobes/ds50stdpkg.jpg


The diopters are practically new and were used on only a few occasions.


The arm was purchased in 2001 from B&H. It is in good decent condition and functions perfectly. Details here: http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/arm_comps.html.


The tundra case is green and it's ugly. But it does the trick.


Please make me an offer for the lot (email me at karstenmoran_at_gmail.com) -- i might be willing to split it up for the right rate.

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I also have

- a 100a substrobe (orange) - strobe has a couple scuffs, but works as it did when purchased.

- additional strobe arm parts (Ikelite)

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