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anyone familiar with the ike d70 housing/i need help

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hi all


i have a nikon d70 and ike housing do any of u have one,or are u familiar with the housing,im having a bit of a problem i think


im greasing up my housings knobs and buttons getting ready to go away to the red sea


yeah know the turny thing right below the shutter release button,,it has 3 cogs attached inside the housing for adjusting shutter speeds or something,,the main cog inside the actually turns the slide on the camera has a bronze screw on it,,i took it off to take the whole assembly apart to clean and grease and now ive noticed the the small steel plate that the bronze screw goes into is actually turning,,its shaped like a 50 pence peice (pentagon like?) i popped it out and has a double o ring, but now that ive put the whole asembly back together the 50 pence peice shape still turns,,, is this gonna leak or is the double o ring there to stop this happening


thanks everyone

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