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Aquatica F4 housing, Nikon F4 and DA action finder

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With considerable reluctance I've decide I to sell my Aquatica F4 and Nikon F4. I bought this housing new a few years ago. Its have very light used - probably less than 50 dives. I'm selling it complete with an 8" dome port. The dome port is in good condition with only minor scratches on the outside. There is also a dome shade, however it snapped into a couple of pieces whilst being transported seperately. It could easily be repaired with a little epoxy glue if wanted. The housing has one 5 pin Nikonos type port. It will provide TTL flash with all Nikonos SB TTL flashes and similar.


As the older guys amongst you will know the F4 was Nikons flagship for many years with many pros considering it the best film camera Nikon ever made. Coupled with the DA-20 action finder it is a terrific piece of equipment. The F4 DA-20 action finder is becoming a pretty rare find nowaday. There is still no DSLR that produces a viewfinder that compares with it. A quick look on ebay found three (Worldwide) ranging from £225 - £408 ($333 - $604). For macro photography the huge and extremely bright image is simply marvellous.


I am selling this with both standard and DA-20 actionfinder. I also have a few gears I will also throw in (20mm, 55mm macro)


I wasn't going to sell this but have decided I really need to reduce the number of housings and cameras I have. If interested make me an offer. I will upload pics on to my website shortly and post links.












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