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Bonaire Trip Report

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I recently visited Bonaire for the 2nd time, this time staying for two weeks. My dive buddy Tom and I flew down for the first week and took TDI trimix training through Rec-Tek with Walt. My Wife and Tom's two daughters flew down and joined us for the 2nd week.


As expected, our Bonaire visit was absolutely wonderful. Tom and I were able to dive the Windjammer as part of our Trimix class with Walt. As with our first experience (October of last year), Walt was great. Everything went very smoothly and the island is lucky to have the knowledge of Walt Stark and Rec-Tek.


Through the recommendation of Walt, Tom and I hired a local photographer / Videographer to visually document our final class dive and visit to the Windjammer. Zsuzsanna Pusztai and her husband Leo joined us and produced an absolutely wonderful video of our adventure.

Video - http://www.vimeo.com/12372689

Zsuzsanna - http://zsuzsannapusztai.smugmug.com/


Zsuzsanna gave me some pointers for my photography and I believe it helped immensely. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to taking underwater images and video.


During the 2nd week, we got to dive a few sites that were new to us. Candy Land and Nukote beach were two of my favorite. It is definitely worth the extra drive and tricky entry to enjoy these reef systems.


After diving some of the North sites one day, we decided to go through Rincon and see if we could find some lunch. Be it fate, or just plain good old luck, we found LeMaSe. Norman and his family host this small restaurant. I can't say enough about how polite and just plain nice Norman is. The food was wonderful, and we paid Norman another visit for milkshakes later on that week. I would definitely recommend LeMaSe to everyone.


On Saturday, we stayed topside to assist with off gassing before flying. My Wife and I decided to drive the island to see what Bonaire has to offer above the water. We drove around and took some pictures. During this adventure, we visited the butterfly sanctuary. A nice little non-diving activity to enjoy, well worth the admission fee.


After being directed by a Friend that is a local, we visited Antriol Catering service for lunch. OMG! Amazing food. I can't believe I'm saying it, but I think I'm more excited to visit Bonaire again because of the food at Antriol than I am about the diving! (Ok, maybe not, but darn close). My Wife had the Sword fish and I had the Barracuda (Yes, I like to eat fish, even the ones I swim with). It was absolutely the best fish I have ever eaten. I will be back!


We stayed at Golden Reef Inn during this visit. Liz and Ed were very nice and were always able to answer questions. The accommodations were nice, and I firmly believe that I got my moneys worth during my stay. It's nice to stay somewhere smaller where you don't have a million people running around.


As always, everyone on the island was very nice to us and we can't wait to get back.


Here are some of the pictures I took during my stay.


Images taken with a Canon Rebel Xti, 60mm lens, Ikelite housing, and dual Sea&Sea YS110A Strobes.
















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Amazing stuff Paul, especially since it was your first trip underwater with the XTi.


Glad you had a great trip. :D


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Thanks for the post and images. I particularly liked the pufferfish trying to blend in with the coral.



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