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Silicone "Extreme Tape" for 1001 DIY uses

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Hey all.


There's a recurrent theme in this subforum for things that end up using duct tape, heatshrink tubing, pieces of old garden hose, etc. Possible subjects include padding out a handle for our DSLR rigs, jacketing 'pool noodle' or other types of foam floats to make them hardier, wrapping homemade ring-flash or studio snoot assemblies made from whatever we can find at the local hardware store, emergency watchband or wrist-console loops...etc.


There's a relatively new offering that might prove as useful (if not more so, as it seems a tad more permanent) as the mighty 'duck' tape, and that's this new self-fusing silicone tape. No, I'm not a dealer, just remembered seeing it myself at DEMA last year and it finally clicked I could use it when I wanted to wrap a strobe arm segment and extend it 'between' the vertical grips on my Ikelite tray to make a high-friction, rubberized carry 'handle'. So I tried it and it works a charm.


Below is a link to one such offering - I'm sure many other companies make it as well now (I think I saw it in Trident's booth at DEMA last year, so they probably are rebranding from one of the manufacturers). Think of the stuff as really thick electrical tape with a tapered profile out to the side edges, or as being somewhat similar to handlebar tape and you get the idea what it looks/feels like, but it self-fuses inside of like 2 minutes after being wrapped on.


I'm at work right now but I'll upload an image of the rig with the new cross-member soon to show how I used it. Might be nice for padding out (and/or blackening) strobes and the like too. Don't think I'd trust it as an emergency repair on a regulator hose though. :)




Hope this helps someone else on their DIY project du jour.

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You're right Richard, I love the stuff, great for marking gear too, lasts forever. A couple of turns of red tape around a fin strap and it won't get confused with someone else's gear. Works on luggage handles too. It's not new though, they've been selling it at boat shows for a few years at least. I used it to seal a pressurized line on the old boat ten years ago or more.


They sell it at one of those little booths at shows most folks ignore. They used to get you to the booth with some fine looking lady then wrap a piece a few times around your finger. As it fused it would shrink and cut off the blood flow and start to hurt like the devil. They wouldn't cut it off until you bought some. :)


I picked up my latest batch at the Long Beach dive show last year. Wonderful stuff and a permanent fixture in my gear bag.



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HI Guy's!


Looks like some soli Tape...Thanks for sherring this and othe great stuff with us newbie's!


perfect for most of my DIY projekts as "gaffa-tape"(duc-tape) as we call it here in little Denmark dosen't always takes too kindly to salt water and sun except on plastic/acrylic houseing.


Hoope to finde a dealer some were over here..


Have Fun in the sun And keep posting those aw inspiring Photo's


Hope to have the time and money some day soon to particepate in one of your settings/wetpixel photo trips to pick all your brains...he he!



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