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Say Hello to Bob and Charlie

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So... I'm in Secret Bay and come across this yellow frogfish sitting comfortably on a yellow sponge.


I stop to take his picture... (scroll down)


And as I am taking his picture, his buddy hops in front of my camera. I saw this through my lens, then looked over the top of the camera to make sure I hadn't gotten narc'd in twenty feet of water, and sure enough, there he was.


I imagine their conversation went something like this:

(For some reason my seahorse has a Minnesota accent - and I think Frogfish just talk really slow with a low voice.)


Seahorse: Oh... Hey there Bob, how ya doin', eh?

Frogfish: Hello Charlie... I'm fine. Just watching the sand shift...

Seahorse: Ohhhh... looky there. It's one of those loud bubble blowers.

Frogfish: Uhhhh, yep.

Seahorse: Ohhhh weeeee... those lights sure are hookily dookily bright, eh?

Frogfish: Uhhhh, yep. I tried to blink but I dont have no eyelids.

Seahorse: Say.... look at that. He must be one sharp fella... he's shooting a Canon!


That was the conversation as I heard it, anyway.



(Canon 10D, 50mm. 1/60 at F11.)

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