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Check out my underwater photo book project on kickstarter!

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Hi all,

It's the new year and I've decided to self-publish my own underwater photo books, first one based in Southern California because... well because it's where I learned to dive and where I love to dive! I want to go the whole legit route with this i.e. isbn numbers, barcodes, sell them in stores...etc...etc... so I'm looking to do more than go onto Apple's book site or anything similar. With this in mind I started a project on kickstarter where people can pledge support in exchange for products from me. It doesn't matter how much you pledge, even a buck would be great, i just need to meet my goal or else I don't get any money and people don't get their rewards. Hope you all can help me out, i would really appreciate it. Here's the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/140176...ia-book-project


If I am out of line by posting this here then I truly and honestly apologize and have no issues with this posting being removed. I just hope you guys can help out a fellow diver and photographer. Thanks guys!


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