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Sea and Sea USA is Closing

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From what I understand, Sea and Sea USA is closing its doors and its product line will be picked up by TUSA. They will be officially closed on Dec. 23rd. At this point, we don't know any more than that.


Of course, we could speculate about what this means for digital underwater photographers who already have Sea and Sea products, but let's wait for more information. I've contacted a Sea and Sea rep for further details.


More news as it becomes available.


This is what Sea and Sea USA's website says about their coverage area:


Sea & Sea USA is responsible for the sales and service of all Sea & Sea products in the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and parts of South America. For other areas please contact Sea & Sea Japan.


James Wiseman

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Not like they've been super responsive in the past anyway. Guess that means that if(when) I upgrade I'll be looking at a different manufacturer. Oh wait, I would have anyway...



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Suppose this means I won't be buying an NX-100 then... I wonder if the MX-5/MX-10 lines are going to go away or become import only.

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We in Canada have been through Japan and I have not noticed any serious issues in delivery in the past. I never had to send a item in for repair though.

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Eventually your S&S strobes will need new orings (internal). I wonder if we can just order them from Japan and change them ourselves?

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If Tusa is taking over the distribution, I would assume they would also take over the service and support.


As far as I've heard, Sea & Sea Japan isn't changing anything there so I doubt that us Sea & Sea users will run into any brick walls when it comes to getting our gear upgraded in future years. All the development of their equipment happens in Japan. Probably some serious service delays to come, but who knows...service may even improve.


I love the Sea & Sea gear that I'm using and don't plan to dump anything because of this.



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My issue, which may or may not change with Tusa taking over, is that there is a total lack of coordination between S&S Japan and USA. Maybe Tusa will do a better job of this, although part of my is very doubtful.


I guess we'll see.

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Received this today from Sea & Sea, Looks like the rumor is true.




From: Evelyn Crosby [mailto:ecrosby@seaandsea.com]

Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2003 3:13 PM




Carlsbad, December 10, 2003



Thank you for your continued efforts in selling and promoting Sea & Sea

products. Unfortunately today I have to inform you of the closing of

Sea &Sea Underwater Photography USA Inc. as of December 23, 2003, which will

be our final day of operation. It has not been easy for us to make this

decision, however the difficult business conditions over the last

several years have regrettably left us no choice but to close the American

operation. On behalf of Sea & Sea USA I sincerely express our gratitude

and thanks for your support and help extended to us over the many years we

have been working together.


As of January 1, 2004 Tabata USA, Inc. will take over responsibilities

for distribution for all Sea & Sea products in place of Sea & Sea USA. There

will also be no changes to the present Sea & Sea sales representatives

currently serving you.


Sea & Sea Japan will maintain its relationship with Tabata USA, so that

in cooperation with our valued dealers, Tabata USA and Sea & Sea Japan, I

believe the business of Sea & Sea here can grow and become stronger.


Important notice:

Final date of receiving order: Sea & Sea is receiving orders until

December 17, 2003 inclusive. No orders will be processed from December 18, 2003

on. Final date of shipping: Sea & Sea will continue shipping through

December 19, 2003 inclusive. All backorders left non-shipped will be cancelled

automatically. New orders can be received from January 5, 2004 at

Tabata USA - (Tel) 1-800-482-2282 (Fax) 1-800-344-3702.


Balance of Payment: All the outstanding account balances between

yourself and Sea & Sea USA will be transferred to Tabata USA. Please DO NOT make

any payments after today to Sea & Sea, all payments should be directed to

Tabata USA as of January 5, 2004 at 2380 Mira Mar Ave. Long Beach, CA 90815.


Products under repair: Products currently under repair will be returned

to you after completion, adjustment, cleaning and pressure testing. Tabata

USA will be responsible for all these units in the future.


Warranty: Tabata USA will extend the same warranty as currently applied

to all Sea&Sea products (as the warranty is the responsibility of Sea & Sea

Japan being the manufacturer).


Questions: Sea & Sea USA will handle any questions concerning your

order, shipping, payments, balance, service etc. until December 23.



Masaoki Yamaguchi


Sea&Sea Underwater Photography USA Inc.

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Hi Gang,


I just received some more information from Andy Sallmon, one of the Sea and Sea reps and also a friend of Wetpixel:


Sea & Sea Japan announced on December 10th that they would quit as

distributor in the USA for financial reasons as of Dec. 23rd and that

TUSA (Tabata USA) will pick up distributorship as of Jan. 1st 2004. Sea

and Sea USA will continue to take dealer orders until the 17th of

December and continue with fulfillment of these until December 19th.

After that all orders will be taken at TUSA headquarters in Long Beach,

CA after the Christmas and New Years holidays beginning on January 4th.


The transition is expected to be fairly seamless and under the guidance

of TUSA President Stephen Ashmore operations will continue as they were

with refinements being made to the program as needed. The new Sea and

Sea will be all the better for it.


The sales force will remain in place and continue to give all of our

dealers the same level of professional support they have always given.

We look forward to 2004 being a year of rebirth and with all of Sea and

Sea's innovative and diverse product line will remain number one in the

underwater imaging marketplace.


So it looks like support will still be available for Sea and Sea products in the USA - which is good news.




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