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Protecting the Coral Sea

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Just wanted to let you know of the work being undertaken to protect the Coral Sea in Australian waters.


We are currently working towards a large, fully-protected marine park that will run parallel with the Great Barrier Reef marine park all the way out to the edge of Australia's territorial waters.


There is a petition, plus detailed information on the www.protectourcoralsea.org.au website and the Australian Marine Conservation Society website.


Anyone who has had the good fortune to dive this part of the world will understand how special it is, and how exciting it will be if we successfully achieve the high level of protection we are aiming for. Feel free to message me if you would like anymore information, or want to put in an offer to help. We are also very keen to get testimonials (in writing, pictures or video) from people who have experienced this area for themselves and would like to see it protected.



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