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Brac Reef Beach Resort the first of May!

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If anyone is interested in going to the Brac Reef Beach Resort the first week of May, April 30th - May 7th, I can get you in on a pretty sweet deal. The price would be $1323 for the week based on d.o. in a regular room. The package includes 17 dives, all three meals, 3 drinks daily be it soda or alcoholic, and taxes, service charges, and transfers. The only thing not included is tips for the dive crew. I think this is usually priced at $1735 or something like that.


Just so you will know, I make nothing at all off of this. We have a group of 16 going and the resort was completely full until two groups completely canceled on the resort so they have a lot of rooms available. I was talking to the reservation folks yesterday and they said if I could find more folks that would be great and even though you wouldn't be officially part of my group I could get you in on the same rate we are all paying.


So if anyone is interested just let me know. Would love to meet more WP folks!

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