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INON EOS 10D Housing

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INON has announced a housing for the EOS 10D. I went to babelfish for a translation of the page. Mark Rupert e-mailed me this morning to let me know he's working on a "real" translation and asking some questions. I'm particularly interested in that there seem to be hints bout TTL with the Z220 strobe . . . Here's the translation, such as it is:


Housing development decision for digital single-lens reflex

Contribution time:03/12/21 (Sun) 23:44 (No.26)



Make wait it did very much.

The digital camera corresponding housing of single-lens reflex system, you announce the development decision "of the X-2" series.

This time it is the CANON corporation "EOS 10D" business housing first of that as feature, you introduce "X-2 for EOS10D".



イノン "X-2 for EOS10D"

2004 sale schedule price undecided




Main feature of product [ development schedule as of 2003 December 21st ]

- Even with the digital single-lens reflex camera automatic Strobo exposure photographing it corresponds at high-level level. 2 optical connectors which is not the water leak trouble like the former electric connector, standard equipment. The TTL automatic Strobo which is connected to the optical connector, each one setting of the light intensity (is squeezed separately on housing side, value) is possible. Being to make automatic photographing which with the underwater TTL automatic Strobo system with the former 2 lights was not produced, controls the strength of the shadow simple, it does.

* It corresponds to the TTL automatic Strobo which installs Z-220, Z-220S, and the TTL modulated light sensor. Automatic photographing is possible by with D-180 at the setting dial of D-180 side squeezing and sets value,

* This automatic system in America and Japan is in the midst of patent applying


- The focusing light/write and the target laser of Z-220 built-in are linked of course the focusing light/write of D-180 perfection automatically. When the shutter is made the semi- pushing, when automatic illumination and the shutter are cut, there are no times to which light/write light is taken even with automatic going out and high sensitivity photographing is packed.

* The focusing light/write control signal of Z-220 and D-180 differs respectively. At the time of camera set, in the left and right respective optical connector, you use either control system, at the takt switch inside the housing it selects.


- The lighting control system is not just Strobo light. Being linked even in the light/write illuminant, the mode which it can photograph (' light/write optical mode ') anew addition. When the shutter the half is pushed, it lights up automatically, ' light/write optical mode ' with goes out automatically after the photographing. Only the built-in light/write of Z-220 you can use with present condition, but the small-sized powerful light/write as an option part sale schedule. The optical cable (the optical fiber) being similar you can connect this small-sized powerful light/write, in the same way as the Strobo, (the former) ' Strobo mode ' time as a focusing light/write of the focus adjusting of course you can use. ' Light/write optical mode ' and ' Strobo optical mode ', and ' natural optical mode ' as for selector switch installation to rear outside of housing. Without separating the eye from the finder change is possible at underwater according to photographing circumstance.


- Even in addition newly founding the remote optical connector as a newly founded function. From the place where it is far, it is possible to do the shutter operation of the housing. The switch of remote utilizes the usual Strobo or the underwater light/write. With Strobo light at ワイアレス and the optical cable, at the optical cable control can do with underwater light/write light. Because it is the installation and removal unrestricted optical connector even at underwater, the scene where we would like to cut the shutter from the place where it is far suddenly at underwater occurring, it installs directly and being able to correspond it is to finish and it does.


- The operation type layout which does not make the underwater housing feel even under the special condition, underwater. When using CANON EOS10D at underwater, the operation of being needed not only is thoroughly contained, you overtake also operativity. Especially as for the right hand with while it is in a state where grip is grasped, not only cutting the shutter, in manual photographing at underwater consecutive setting operation of necessary contraction value and shutter speed in order for it to be possible without stress, while grip is grasped has become the design where the finger reaches in each dial.


- The port which corresponds to include the dome port and the optical lens (multiple coating be completed) common with the former X1 series which is used to all port lenses. It can utilize without doing the high picture quality of EOS10D sweetly.


- Of course even in the MRS100 port type U which can use the fixed turn EF100�o macro USM of macro photographing at underwater corresponding possibility. The same as overland focusing operation, please turn the lens tube section and enjoy leading イノンテクノロジー where the focus adjusting is possible even with manual operation.

* This operation system the American patent acquisition end, is in the midst of the Japanese patent applying


- The body pursued compact conversion and light weight conversion, all appearance of the corrosion resisting aluminum alloy and strengthening transparent plastic resin it starts shaving, processing. In the casting and formation item impossible high quality is actualized.


- As for pickup finder, in イノン X1 series popular high powered lens design. Without attaching the guide rail, quietly you just drop the camera being able to set, the popular system of X 1 series such as 3 dimensional guide system which finishes and the leak sensor which informs about water leak of the unlikely event it is succeeded.



Specification other than describing and the like being attached in detail, please wait for the development follow-up story of announcement schedule on this home page.

In addition, to the store way being attached to the reservation reception start time, at present time you make undecided. As you acknowledge, to adjust to specification details and the like, please wait for the development follow-up story on this home page.



Above, we ask please may.



2003 December 21st

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Very cool! Inon had a housing in their booth at DEMA that said "KISS" on it and had me running over to check it out. But alas, it was an older model for the film Canon KISS.


Now for something completely different!




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Sounds like a great housing for 10d owners, although I still have a headache from reading the translation (twice). And I thought Spanish to English was difficult.



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