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SOLD - Nauticam Housing/Dome port for Canon 7D + Gear Ring for 10-22M

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Note: I am resubmitting this classified as I couldn't see how to add images after posting earlier ....


Well, fantasies die hard.


After dreaming for years of moving up to SLR u/w, and saving the bucks to go big, after two dive trips, I've decided I want to go back to small and portable. I've been traveling for 30 years with a carry-on, and toting an extra bag just to carry camera gear just isn't working for me. It has been used for exactly 3 days/8 dives.


With this intro, I am selling a perfect, mint, 10-out-of-10 condition Nauticam Housing set up for the Canon 7D. In original packaging with original warranty cards, everything.


Included are:

- Nauticam Housing for Canon 7D

- Sea & Sea 8" dome port with shade (and cover), with locking extension ring/zoom gear for the Canon EF-S 10-22mm lens

- 2 Sea & Sea electronic sync cords for Sea & Sea strobes

Entire set up: $3,250 OBO (cost $4,350)



If interested, I might also sell (also perfect condition, though used above water during the year):

- Canon 7D with EF-S 18-135 f/3.5-5.6 IS lens Kit (in original packaging with software, and warranty card, everything; lens never used)

- 10-22mm lens (original packaging and warranty card)

$2,500 OBO (cost $2,950)



I can send images of the goods, serial numbers, anything you want. 100% guarantee the condition - all like new. You won't be able to tell they aren't new.


In case you're curious: I'm looking at going to the Canon G11 or 12 or the new Sony NEX5 for underwater, and the Canon 5DMark II for above water, but won't be buying until I have sold this.


Thanks for looking.







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Thanks to all for your interest.





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I m interesed juste for housing nauticam, have you sell it?


And give me your price?


Thank you


Best regard

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