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panasonic tz10/zs7 dyron wide port

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hi all

does anybody have any knowledge about the panasonic TZ10(ZS7 in the states)or earlier panasonic TZ series cameras in conjunction with the dyron wide port,i know it only recovers the 24mm underwater and i read somewhere it gives a 95% field of view,which surely would compare favourably with the inon ad 105.

i am using a fuji f11 with inon ufl165ad at the moment,but i feel the technology in this camera is outdated(i already own the panasonic and on land the pictures are obviously superior to the fuji)also the panasonic can be used in full manual mode.

i realise i am not going to get anywhere near as wide with the panasonic and dyron combination,but would it be wide enough for most situations? (eg.reef scenes and CFWA)


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