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Article in Sport Diving magazine

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While I can't claim credit for the accompanying words, some of the images in the Desert Diving article in this issue of Sport Diving are mine. I'm partly excited because the magazine chose to use my shot for the double page spread, and partly because seeing my shots in glossy is just cool. The shots with the diver in orange (me) were taken by Dr Harry and the rest were taken by me. Paul was our obliging model for both photographers throughout the trip, with an awful lot of patience.


The magazine's website is here: http://www.divetheblue.net/ and weirdly (given the issue is only just on shelves) they've also uploaded the article to here: http://www.divetheblue.net/pdf/146Desert.pdf


I've also written up a little bit about how I got that first shot on my website, which can be found here: http://photographyunderpressure.com/2011/05/raft-room/ The Roe Plains caves combine tight spots, confusing navigation, green water, silt raining down and a continuous blurry halocline to be the most challenging photographic location I've dived in.....so far!

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