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Supermacro video from Fury Shoals in Egypt

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Hi all...


Here's a set of super macro shots from Fury Shoals in Egypt, March 2011.

Used the SubSee +5 diopter in front of my Light & Motion BlueFin Pro housing.









Nice stuff Henrik - I've always had a thing for close-up macro... I love the almost-abstract parts of clams and suchlike... great acropora crab footage - that stuff is hard to shoot in the daytime, eh?!


You've picked out some incredible detail on the rhinophores of the wart slug!! Great lens evidently! (....and good job with keeping the frame as stable as you did on such levels of magnification.)


the shallow DOF gives a lovely feel... it'd be great if you could slowly shift your focus during the shot... do you have the means to do that on your housing?


I've added the video to my u/w videos group on Vimeo if that's alright?


All the best and keep up the lovely work!

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