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I am looking at trying to do a panorama of one of our local favorite wrecks.

Depth 65feet.

Length of wreck 132 feet.


The plan is to shoot the entire starboard side of wreck with multiple overlapping shots.

I plan on using a tripod, taking multiple overlapping shots, using the same focal length and other settings. I will use a my reel line to setup a "shooting line" the entire length keeping me equal distance. This will be an ambient light project. I plan on timing it in the day where the sun will be at my back for all of the shots. I will be converting all shots in B&W. I have had pretty good luck with my shots so far but I am looking forward to trying an overall panorama


The overall goal is to produce a nice print that can me framed/mounted.


I have both PhotoShop Elements and Lightroom 3. Both have panorama features.


Any suggestions on software tools to use?


I am a relative newbie at uwphoto having just started this year.


Does the above make sense?

Any other tips/suggestions. I welcome all suggestions. This is a great site.




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Sounds great! looking forward to seeing the result!


I've never done this, but the following would come to mind.


You'd need to try get as close to 50mm to try avoid barrel distortion, so I'd aim for a focal length on your T2i of 24mm

(24*1.6 crop)=38 * (33% UW magnification) = ~50mm


If you have LR3 you can maybe correct for barrel distortion, but I think the better you get it in camera the easier it'll be.


Obviously you will need to keep the exposure locked the same throughout the segments.



I've only every used Photoshop and it does a pretty decent job of it.


Good luck!

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Interesting project, I would suggest you try it once and plan to redo based on your experiences. Therefore it is a good idea to pick a subject that you can revisit if needed.


I've done a few small photo mosaics of parts of wrecks, some thoughts from that experience below. A photo mosaic is a assembly of images taken from different viewpoints by making lateral movements of the camera, while a panorama is taken from one single viewpoint by chageing the camera's angle.


1. Even if you have excellent visibility, I think you are better of with a rectilinear widangle, as wide as you can get. If you need, you can compensate distorsion in post process with above mentioned SW (even fisheye can be traightened, but i have no experience of those and I think it is tricky to appreciate overlap)


2. Take as many exposures as you have time to. Several at the same spot and move the tripod so that you have excessive overlap (50% or so). You have to adjust this ambition to available dive-time of course. I know people who have used video instead of stills in order to get enough overlap and redundant material.

a) If you miss out on an exposure you have redundant material

b) Perspective will cause "errors" and problems in your mosaic. Because some parts of the wreck will be closer and some more distant, the perspective will differ in the shots, so for example some areas will be obscured. You will want to pick exact viewpoints and mask out problems ins some photos. E.g. if a pole or rigging points out at you from the wreck, you may choose a exposure where it is in the middle of the photo so it does not obscure something on the side. Try you project on land on for example a row of parked cars and you'll see what I mean.


Good luck and pls show the reult and share you experience



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