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Palau and Delta Problems

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I just wanted to let anyone know, that may be thinking or have already booked a trip to Palau flying with Delta. The connection from Tokyo has apparently been shut down. Or greatly reduced. I have heard reasons from....It was too expensive for fuel, to, Delta never had proper permission from the Palauan government to fly there. This is coming from the Delta reservations agents. Don't know if it's true or not, but it sure screwed me and my wifes trip there in November.


After spending 6 hours on the phone with different Delta agents and supervisors. They cannot get you to palau. The closest they can come is guam. And with the guam to koror flight with continental $1000.00 per person. It really isn't worth it. (for the record, I bought the ticket with skymiles). They will not book you on any other airline even if you bought your tickets. (we had another friend that was going with us and he paid for his ticket) So we were basically done with the palau trip. I feel myself sinking into a dive depression.


Unfortunately, I had a deposit with the Dancer Fleet that part of it was refundable, but they still kept $600 of our money for "administration fees" They wouldn't allow us to move it to another boat. Or even another date, with the same boat. They were not understanding at all. I can understand them not letting us go on another boat, as these are individual franchises. But to not let us even change the date, considering the circumstances, is ridiculous. Needless to say, I don't plan on going on a dancer boat or aggressor boat again. There is plenty of other competition with just as good if not better product. Am I being too petty?


Delta refunded all my miles and gave me and my wife 12,500 miles each. But it took a bit of prodding to get them to give me the extra miles. That was supposed to be for compensation for the deposit I lost. I still think I got the shaft.


Yes I could have had insurance, but I don't normally do insurance until I have to make the whole trip payment 60 days before.


As a quick band aid, we booked a trip to bonaire. not that Bonaire is terrible, one of the better places in the carib...........but............Bonaire instead of Palau........I think I just threw up a little.

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