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Mary Malloy

Nexus to Nexus port adapters

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Hi everyone,


I am considering upgrading from my Nexus D200 (M5 size port) to a Nexus D700 (M4?? or M6?? port) but the ports are a different size so I will need the adapter as well.

I know with the dome ports a small spacer is required, but it will go straight on with macro ports.


Has anyone experienced any problems?


Do you think it compromises any aspect of the system?


Is it easy to get on and off or once it's on it wants to stay on!?


What trap have I not thought of?


Would you buy one again?


I have a bunch of M5 ports and rather stay with Nexus as they are lighter than the Nauticam who I know also has adapters for Nexus ports to Nauticam housings.


Thanks for any help



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My Nexus D300 housing has a M6 port, but shipped with a M6-M5 adapter ring, enabling me to use my M5 ports (from D70 housing). No problems. Adapter is designed so that distance from camera body flange to housing port flange remains the same, so same extensions rings are still good. Mine has never been removed from housing. Would hate to try to remove - requires a large spanner wrench. Nexus shows M6/M4 & M5/M4 adapters, which I take to mean step-down rings. The D700 is M4. It appears adapters are available (unless something got lost in translation on Japanese web page).




The FP170 port will not mate directly to the adapter without a short extension ring. This also applies to 160 & 230 domes (according to web page). I use the 170 with 12-24mm & 40mm ext ring & 10-17mm with 20mm ext ring. Both setups work well. Also have the 10-17 M5 custom mini port for travel, depending on # of ports I need to take. This will mount directly to adapter ring.

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Hi Mary,


I got one to use a M5 Baré dome on my M6 thread D90 housing. I use a strap wrench to remove if and when to stiff to do by hand.

The ring is slightly concave from the front so I guess this is why the large dome ports can't mate with it directly.




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I did converted Nexus D200 housing to take D700 camera.

I posted some pictures in DYI & somewhere here in few years ago.


For conversion, you have to send me your housing & takes 1-2 weeks

to complete.


Please, drop me PM or e-mail me at chae5721 at gmail dot com.



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