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"The opposition is going to be out in full force at Toronto City Hall this week where the motion to ban shark fin is on the agenda. We need people to testify this FRIDAY, Sept 9 at 9:30am in support of the ban - max 5 min each, especially those with personal experience or close connections to the cause.

Contact Jennifer ASAP at mailto:finfree@unitedconservationists.org (P.S. Please forward this.).org"




" Toronto Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker, who forwarded a motion to pursue a similar ban that’s now being considered, said Tuesday that municipalities do have the authority for such a ban. “It’s common sense that shark fins (which are cut off a shark that’s then thrown back into the ocean to die) can be banned.”


City of Toronto staff has not issued a report on the proposed ban, but the licensing and standards committee is meeting Friday and will discuss how a bylaw could be enacted."

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