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MINT Ikelite #5503 6" Dome Port

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MINT (used in pool) Ikelite 6" Dome Port.


#5503 and fits many lenses including popular Tokina 10-17mm on cropped Nikon or Canon bodies.


Nikon with 1.5X sensor crop you have to zoom slightly to 12mm or can remove shade for minor vignetting.


Canon shows no vignetting on APS-C sensor even at 10mm due to 1.6X sensor crop.


Also fits Nikon 16mm AF Fisheye, Sigma 15mm Fisheye for either mount and Canon 15mm Fisheye lenses on APS-C bodies.


Includes Neoprene Cover and new o-ring.


$135.00 PayPal payment and I'll include continental USPS shipping.


Email directly:


David Haas





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