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Any Panasonic Lumix 7-14 Users?

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True about the domes, but why did the Nikonos. 15 mm have the best wide angle optics ever? That lens has at most a 4 inch dome.


It's been a long time since I had one but I remember the radius being about 2 inches. The optics were quite resessed, so the lens' nodal point would have been about were it should have for a 2 inch radius dome.


Also, it was corrected for UW use only so would have been designed to focus on a very close virtual image. Any abberations would have been compensated for in the design of the lens for that exact glass dome. Putting together a housing/dome with a lens of a particular focal length is another matter and depends on how well the manufacturer has positioned everything...then there's the issue of different lenses in the same dome (if not dedicted to one lens as for the Nauticam). Not always easy to get perfect optical performance, particularly if design is compromised by/for compactness...i.e. a small radius dome.

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