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Nikonos old timer need help from digital expert

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Hi all, i'm an underwater photo enthusiast from Italy.


After 12 years of intense use my Nikonos V flooded…


After many years of underwater images i'm thinking to switch to digital underwater.


i'm already using on land an old Nikon D200 with a couple of lens (token 12-24, nik 50 mm and some others zoom..) but i'm in the point to decide what system to buy.


My budget 1500 euro / 2000 $ approx. for a starter kit. ( 1 port 1 flash)


The decision is not easy for me:


i love the compact and lens quality of Nikonos system and i want similar quality, but is better to go to dSLR housing and keep my Nikon D200 or going to a micro 4/3 system like the Panasonic GH2 or Oly PL3 or similar ?


with old Nikon i can buy an used system ( Ikelite ?) and save some for a new lens, and port…but lower resolution , no video and quite old technology compared to the new micro 4/3. and bulky…very bulky


with micro 4/3 stuff : greater resolution, video, new technology and relative compact system but i think expensive and lag ???


Resolution is important but lens quality and lighting much more…


any advice to help me to decide?






Check my book.


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Hi Cris, welcome to Wetpixel!

You have created some truly exceptional images shooting with your Nikonos. I loved the book, wonderful work.


It's always tough to recommend a path to someone else without knowing them. We always bring our own bias along. Given your budget limitation, I'd council you to look for a used aluminum housing for your D200. I'm assuming you'd feel more comfortable with the smaller aluminum housing than the larger plastic one given what you've said.


By the way there is probably no wrong answer here, you'll do fine whichever way you go.


You will have a great time shooting digital underwater, your images will only get better.




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