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YS - 01 plus Ultralight arms / tray etc

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I have for sale the following, all purchased in late July of this year from cameras underwater and all in absolutely excellent condition:


Sea and Sea YS-01 £250

Sea and Sea fibre optic cable £35

Ultralight tray for medium housing (TR-DM) £20

Ultralight handle with ball £ 25

Ultralight 5" double ball arm £30

Ultralight 8" double ball arm £30

Ultralight clamp (x3) £25 each

Epoque clog shoe flex (for attachment of focus light etc) £25

Nano focus light £30

Ultralight sea and sea attachment arm £15


This little lot put me back by £804 in total so the above sale prices offer quite a saving. Obviously open to offers if anyone wants the whole lot. It was used on an olympus EPL1 set up.

Any questions please ask,


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Epoque clog shoe flex, tray and handle sold, the rest is still upfor sale, all in absolutley excellent condition,



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