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We spent a week diving in Maumere.

If you want the ocean for yourself this is the place to be!!!

Wikipedia says this :

The reefs in in areas surrounding Maumere (the Maumere Gulf) were once considered some of the finest diving in the world. However, a 2007 report found that 75% of the coral reefs had been significantly damaged or destroyed by the practice of bomb fishing, the use toxic chemicals in fishing, and due to earthquakes.

Well judge by yourself!




Pulau Besar by mousstique, on Flickr



Pulau Besar-4 by mousstique, on Flickr



Gosong Bone-Sunny by mousstique, on Flickr



Gosong Bone-coral garden by mousstique, on Flickr



Gosong Bone-close by mousstique, on Flickr



Gosong Bone-sponge & brocoli by mousstique, on Flickr



Underwater art by mousstique, on Flickr



Sunny reds by mousstique, on Flickr


Critics and Comments are warmly welcomed

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Hi Mona. I love the wide angle shots, and the reef looks very nice. My favorite is the one with the title "Gosong Bone-coral garden." Where did you stay, and who did you dive with?



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Thanks Erwin ;)


for me it was the first time I mostly shot wide angle. I kept the macro lens for the night dives...

We stayed at the Sea World Club Maumere. The place is peaceful and quiet.


the bungalows


bungalows by mousstique, on Flickr


the busy beach


lovely and deserted beach by mousstique, on Flickr




Pulau Besar at the horizon by mousstique, on Flickr

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Nice photos, I went diving with Seaworld in 2010 too (I posted report here in another website http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/indonesia...re-report.html).

Lovely settings there, Alex the senior instructor was very good at coral and wide angle spots -some of which I found as good as Komodo's- but surprizingly almost a "beginner" in terms of muck, as he didn't know where to look for, I sometimes had to show him where to look : did he improve on that side?

Ankermi, the other dive outfit are supposed to be very very good at spotting macro but I prefered Seaworld for the place.

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We were diving with Wilhelmus and Markus . I was mostly shootng w/a during the day and kept the macro lens for night dives. Markus came with us on these muck night dives. He found stuff, but not more than we did. ;)

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Love the blue shades in "Underwater Art" !!! Which camera/lens/strobe set did you use ???


All the Best !!!



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