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Assorted Nikon & Ikelite gear

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Looking to sell some of my unused gear.


**$50.00 or best offer**Nikon MBD100 battery grip. Great condition, comes in original box with AA cassette and manual. If you have an old D100 you're using for remotes or timelapse, but need the extra battery power, this would do the trick.


**$550.00 firm** Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 for nikon DX - Excellent overall condition, works as new, comes in original box with instructions, front and rear caps. Excellent condition glass, minor cosmetic surface wear on softer plastic surfaces of barrel. Hood itself sits, but not as tightly as I would like -- seems to be a design issue as i've always felt this way about the hood. I'd keep it, but i shoot mostly full frame now.


**$100.00 or best offer** Ikelite 100a substrobe -- high-powered, old-school underwater strobe, scratches on plastic exterior, but still works perfectly. Will throw in sync chord at full price.


**$200.00 or best offer** Ikelite DS50 substrobe (predecessor of current DS51) some minor cosmetic wear, works as it should. Will throw in snych chord at full price.


**$100 or best offer** Ikelite TTL Slave - bought with DS50, works as it should.


**make me an offer** Nikon 50mm 1.8 Series E -- sold as is -- a bit of internal dust/particles, seems to work fine, but I don't find it sharp enough wide open for my purposes and I have an AF-D model. If you buy something else, i'll throw it in for $15.00.


Assorted Ikelite sync chords and strobe arms avail. (I have a couple of the standard assemblies, as well as one ball and socket arm) email for pictures and to negotiate price if interested.


Email me at karsten_AT_karstenmoran_DOT_com (do not message me via wetpixel) for photos or more info.


I also have a mess of Fuji Gx680 gear, some of which i don't use currently. If you're looking for something, shoot me a line.



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