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Toast New Year on "Galapagos Sky" live-aboard luxury dive trip, Jan 1-8, 2012

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Toast New Year on "Galapagos Sky" live-aboard luxury dive trip, Jan 1-8, 2012 (1 space)

Dive the remarkable Galapagos Islands for seven days for one person.


The remote Galapagos Islands are located across the equator, 605 miles to the west of mainland Ecuador, and are considered by many to offer some of the most exciting diving in the world. Located at the confluence of three major oceanic currents, visitors to the islands of the Galapagos will find a stunning and diverse array of underwater formations and marine life. An archipelago of 15 main islands essentially untouched by time since visited by Charles Darwin in 1835, you’ll find a natural haven for wildly diverse marine life.


Hammerhead shark encounters in the Galapagos Islands are perhaps without equal anywhere in the world. They are your constant companions on dives at Wolf and Darwin Islands seen individually, in small groups or as walls of sharks numbering in the hundreds. Whale sharks, hammerhead & Galapagos sharks, five types of rays, Galapagos fur sea lions, sea lions, schooling pelagics, colorful reef fish, corals, and invertebrates are just the tip of a "once-in-a-lifetime" iceberg of exceptional diving encounters in the Galapagos. You are never exactly sure what will happen on any dive, but you can count on high octane, pulse-pounding experiences on nearly every Galapagos dive!


The Galapagos Sky provides the ultimate in luxury to her guests. The public areas are ample and exquitely decorated. The cabins complete with en suite baths provide a perfect retreat after a day of high energy diving. The package is completed by a highly professional, knowlegable and accommodating crew. See what prior guests are saying:


Our testimonials say it all...


“It was a pleasure to experience Galapagos aboard the Galapagos Sky. The quality of service was superb and there was always a friendly atmosphere. We thank all the crew members who looked so thoroughly after us and made our trip so enjoyable. Dive guides were very knowledgeable and very friendly, and the diving was unforgetable! Whalesharks, mola mola, sea lions, and schooling galapagos and hammerhead sharks were teh highlight of our trip. We have also encountered Galapagos turtles, iguanas and penguins on land. Once again we thank all of the crew memebrs of Galapagos Sky and we hope to be back in the near future!”


- Michael & Nikita Poltavsky, August 14-21, 2011





Sea Save Foundation is hosting an online charity auction. This item is currently taking bids. This item is brand new and will be shipped from the manufacturer.


This is a great opportunity to get a great product at a great price and support ocean conservation efforts while you are at it!

View Auction at,






E-mail diveireland@aol.com or call 831 915 5510 for additional information.



E-mail earthimag@aol.com or call 310 458 0700 for additional information.


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