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Damai I just opened up a trip July 30-Aug 9, 2012

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While I teach photography workshops in Maui lead small groups on adventures in Tonga to snorkel with whales, this Indonesia trip is my vacation. I am really looking forward to diving, and enjoying myself. I have always wanted to go on the Damai I but the boat is so popular I have not been able to. Just by luck I checked the schedule and saw that there was an opening after a scheduled maintenance break in 2012. SO , I signed up.


The adventure starts in Raja Ampat, then goes to Manakwari for some great wreck diving. It continues to Chandrawasih Bay for whale sharks and coral reefs. The dates are July 30-Aug 9th 2012. The reason I made the post is that I thought there might be a few underwater photographers out there that might like to join.


Check out the Damai website and sign up.Dive Damai

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