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FS: SPL water housing for canon 40d in UK

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Evening guys.


Time has come to start selling off some kit so I can buy a new water housing for my 1d.


So it does mean I will be selling my SPL water housing for my Canon 40d.


Supposedly these housing fit the 30d, 50d and 60d. I am not sure exactly but you are more than welcome to bring your camera over and try.


The housing is in excellent condition. As you would expect from any water photog. It has always been maintained and cleaned after every session.


O-rings and seals are all in great condition. I will strip the housing down before I sell it and run silicon grease on all seals just so it all fine for the new owner.


Now for the details


1 x housing body , apperture control , shutter speed control & manual shutter release.


1 x new shape pistol grip with 2 stage trigger. Basically it means you get better grip and comfort. The two stage trigger is the same as your shutter button. First half is focus, then the shutter.


1 x side handle. Ideal for just carrying or for when shooting with the 70-200.


1 x leash. This is invaluable. had the housing ripped out of my hands a few times (I hold on dam tight) and glad I have this. Last thing you want is to be searching the ocean for ££££ worth of camera gear and housing.


1 x dome port. I use a 10-17mm tokina fisheye lens. Im not sure if the canon 15mm would fit, but I wouldnt reccomend that lens on the 1.6x crop bodies anyway.


1 x 70-200mm flat port. Brand new and never ussed. Really annoyed not been able to use this yet. Bought it back in December and have not been able to get in the water since to give it a go. :roll: :)


The price is £800


buyer to pay any paypal or postage fees


I would prefer it be picked up so you can check the housing over yourself and I can run through how everything works etc. If you do want it posted then I will have to find out how much it will cost.


I am based is south Devon. My email address is danpayneuk@yahoo.com


I also have a whole studio set up for sale and loads of bits for kids & baby studio shoots.


Email me if you are interested in any of this.









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