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Underwater "Kedaffies's Filters"

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Previoulsy I have used the "Underwater" filter Underwater.8BF




I used this on an old ver of Photoshop without problem.

I have now rebuilt PC and have CS 5 extended (Photoshop v12) I downloaded the filter, dropping it into Photoshop CS5/ plug-ins/filters folder


When I power up CS it appears as "Kedaffie's filters" and sub filter as "Bring Back the Red"

However when you try to apply it, it crashes CS ... completely, app closes down.


As other filters run OK assume there must be some change in CS that prevents the filter from working.


Anybody know how to fix this ? ... or how to contact "Kedaffie" .. on photoshop website it shows the author as "Eduard Winter" ... so maybe Kedaffie is a pseudonym.

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