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Bikinis, Catwalk and Marine Conservation?

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Miss Scuba International (MSI) is a pageant with focus on promoting worldwide scuba diving tourism and the goal to disseminate marine conservation and education to a broader audience. The pageant was held for the first time in 2011 with 15 finalists from Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia competing for the crown in the finals staged on December 9th 2011 at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.


I have to be honest, when we (Treasure Images) got approached to become the official video production partner for the pageant, I was rather skeptical. Catwalk and scuba diving? Girls in bikinis and marine conservation?


However, after the contestants had arrived at Mabul Island for their 2-week "boot camp" to prepare for the finals, I changed my mind. What we were confronted with were not a bunch of egocentric "barbie girls", but instead we found really hard-working, confident and passionate women, eager to become ambassadors for the marine environment. During their stay on the island they learnt how to scuba dive and attended many workshops, absorbing as much they could about marine conservation issues, reef ecology, sustainable seafood and underwater photography. They also participated in community projects and helped cleaning up reefs and beaches.


Conclusive I have come to see a real potential in this form of "conservation work" mixed with entertainment as part of effective efforts to educate the public. These ladies are able to reach out to an audience who never before had wasted even a thought on the state of our oceans and at the end isn't' that what counts?


And not to forget, crowned Miss Scuba International 2011 was the 24-year old Dayu Prastini Hatmanti from Indonesia. Congratulations. The organizer is already in the planning for Miss Scuba International 2012 which most probably will be held in Bali, Indonesia.


I like to hear the opinion from other Wetpixel members and also if you have some suggestions to the organizer.



Here the link to a HD video clip we produced for MSI:





Eric Madeja


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