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Be interested if any Photoshop guru could adivse on my workflow ..


Currently for a typical Blue colour cast image (jpeg, no strobe )

In CS5 I usually follow this sequence ...



> copy

> crop

> new adj layer - remove backscatter (Dust & scratches filter)

> new adj layer - channel mixer - recover Reds

> new adj layer - Levels r, g, b

> new adj layer -Hue & Saturation - then change mode to multiply

> new adj layer -Brightness & Contrast

> new adj layer -Sharpen (either High Pass or Smar Sharpen filter)

finish with Auto level/colour/tone ... if they make any improvement



Have read a few articles where Sharpen action is carried out at start rather than at the end .... which is the better approach ? ..... I assume at the beginning you are sharpening based on actual pixel information ,whereas at end you are sharpening based on what you think the pixels should be ... not sure which is best.

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