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Thoughts on Tokina 10-17 + Teleconverter or ...?

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I recently changed systems from Canon to Nikon (T2I to D7000) and have steadily been accumulating a satisfactory macro set up. I have a fairly large trip to PNG in 7 months and I would really like to have a solid wide/midrange set up as well. I had the Tokina 10-17 on the Canon and used it on a trip to Raja Ampat with satisfactory results, but I can't help but think it might just be better to use the Nikkor 10.5 for a little better IQ ( I like the images I see from this lens more than the Tokina). I will not be buying the Sigma 17-70, this lens does not appeal to me. My considerations have been:


N(Nikkor) 10.5, N 10-24; Covers WA but may be lacking in mid range, maybe not enough reach for sharks.


or N 10.5, Tokina 11-16, N 17-55: Expensive but covers everything


or Tokina 10-17+tele: Good for CFWA, but does it have enough reach for mid range subjects?


The most cost effective, travel friendly set up is the Tokina + tele, but I have some questions to ask those who use this:


Having never used a teleconverter before, how hard is it to get proper lighting with a wide angle zoom lens? Since you lose a full stop of light, does that effect the ability to use S-TTL with Fiber Optics, or do you have to shoot manual power for proper exposure?


I know I had some trouble achieving proper exposure shooting S-TTL with the Tokina alone, mostly shots were 1/2 to a full stop underexposed, even with the flash compensation set at +2.



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