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Strobe Power Underwater

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I have the Sea & Sea Ys-110a strobes and I recently got a meter. These strobes have 13 steps of power and I went through each step and fired them at the meter to get am F stop at each power rating. I noticed when you have 2 strobes firing, you get about 1 more F stop of power. So, My question is this. Is the a formula to figure out what the real F stop would be underwater? I know about the inverse square law and I figure that I will loose f-stops in the water column. I'm just curious if anyone knows.


If any one is interested, this is what I got at 1 foot (13 steps) - 3.6,5.0,5.6,6.3,8.0,9.0,10.1,13.2(1/4 power), 16.0,18.3,25.3(half-power), 36.3, & 45.1 (full power). This is just with one strobe. Like I said, you can add about 1 stop if you fire both strobes.



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