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Unsolicited Personal Messages

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Hi all,


It has come to light in the recent D4 housing thread, and via complaints from Wetpixel members, that some people are using enquiries in the forums as a springboard for making unsolicited sales offers via personal messages (PMs).


Whilst I can understand this to some extent, I believe that this activity breaks with the covenant that exists between the Wetpixel community and its industry members. Although currently not specifically forbidden by our commercial policy, I would suggest that this is counter to the very spirit of Wetpixel membership, and I will be shortly amending the policy to reflect this.


I hope that this will bring an end to such practices. I am sorry to make such a strongly worded post, but do feel that this is something that should not be going on within our community.


If you do wish any of the excellent vendors and suppliers who frequent this forum to contact you, you have only to ask in the forum for them to contact you!



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