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What choices for next camera

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(original post is wrong sub-forum)


Just sold my F31 set up .. and looking at what to get to replace it ... and it's not urgent, as I can't dive for 3 months ... so hopefully time to get decision right.


My first Digi was a canon G3, then up in size to Olympus C 8080, then a Fuji F30, followed by a Fuji F31.

Now looking to get my next camera, not wanting to go to DSLR... it needs to be a reasonably compact item with at least a 3" screen.


This is not just used as an UW camera, but obviously for UW use I need a reasonable wide angle zoom ... with a good aperture and sensor size.


3 considerations..

Canon G 1X ... it has good zoom coverage with the 28-112mm F2.8-5.8 lens and it's 1.5" sensor is almost up at the DSLR size.

Although it probably has a huge range of functions I will never use.


Olympus XZ-1 .... it's about 1/2 the price of the Canon, small sensor but good lens, however this Olympus is now approaching 18 months old, so is it due to be replaced ?


Fuji X10 ... specs are good, initial reviews promising, but no Fuji housing, which means an expensive 3rd party housing

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