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Alternative mounting for Ikelite AF35

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I am in the process of upgrading from my starter strobe, an Ikelite AF35, to a real Sea & Sea YS-D1. With the new strobe comes a new tray and arms since the AF35 uses a unique tray and mounting system. I'm not positive the two strobes will work well together, but it seems a shame to let a perfectly functional strobe go to waste. Until I can afford a second real strobe, I would like to keep using the AF35 as second fill strobe.


My problem is that the controller and sensor for the AF35 are integrated into the handle, which means the handle and all must mount on my new tray. Since I can't find a pre-manufactured mount made for mounting the AF35 on any other trays, I'm curious if anyone has successfully made their own mount.


Ikelite does have a mount (http://goo.gl/xfUtR) that says it's intended for mounting on a video tray. (Seems like an odd place for a strobe.) I don't know if I'm willing to risk my new tray by modifying it to accept this mount.

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