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FS: Nexus housing, Olympus E3 and Viewfinder 45º

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For sale, all in fantastic condition with a very light use, I'm obsessive care :P



Camera Olympus E-3

It’s a sealed magnesium body protected from water and dust, shutter mechanism tested to 150,000 shoots, this have only 19,900 shoots.

I include the vertical grip that can work with 2 camera batteries o standard AA batteries, and enable to shoot in vertical (it have all the controls).

A free a second battery and a LCD screen protector is included.


Housing Nexus E3

It’s like new, only some small marks in bottom and grids.

Testing and review at the manufacturer after my last trip.

It have 2 viewfinder inserts for macro or wide angle.

The port mount is Olympus type, you can use a great variety of Olympus, Inon and Athena domes and ports.

I added those extras to it:

- Open flash control.

- Grid inserts for a better ergonomy.

- Accessories support and clamp(for example for a focus light).


This housing can be adapted in factory to use with the Olympus E5



INON 45º viewfinder for Nexus housing


With it the shoot position is more comfortable, in horizontal or vertical, and his magnification it’s really awesome.

Recently review at the technic service for the regular maintenance.

With a neoprene cover for free.




A.- Housing + Camera + Viewfinder 45º= 1.750€ / 2,200$


B.- Housing + Camera= 1.450€ / 1,850$


C.- Only the housing= 1.250€ / 1,550$


D.- Only the 45º viewfinder= 400€ / 500$


Plus shipping, I'm in Madrid (Spain)






More pictures:

Grid inserts and original toolbox, with tools for all the screws in the housing



Accessory support and clamp, this is and extra added to the housing



Viewfinder lens for macro or wideangle more confortable view



The extra added control to open the camera flash



Inside housing



The camera and his extras (a extra battery is included)



A screen protector is included


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