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Curious George

For Sale: LMI Sunray 1200 LED Lights

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I'm selling a pair of Light & Motion Sunray 1200 LED lights with loc-line arms and quick-release attachments for Light & Motion handles. Light heads, cables, pods and batteries are in perfect working order. There are some minor cosmetic scratches on the battery pods. Also includes the battery pod lockers for use on all LMI housings. These are great lights that have served me well, but I've sold my Light & Motion housing and have no use for them anymore. While the new Sola lights are out, I always found that having the battery pods on my housing added a bit of heft and helped stabilize my videos, as shaky footage can often be a problem with small, light housings. These are still a great option!


Photos: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=41921&hl=


Backscatter is selling these at the sale price of $1,786.40, and I'm asking $1,300. Willing to hear reasonable offers. Send me a PM for more details or to purchase.

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