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Don Silcock

The "insiders guide" to the Liberty Wreck

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In January this year, with the support of Tulamben Wreck Divers who sponsored my trip, I spent six days diving the Liberty Wreck 4-5 times a day.


My objective was to try and understand the level of degradation that happens on the wreck because of the sheer numbers of divers who visit it - up to 150 a day in peak season.... I felt that there must be more going on than was immediately apparent because diving the wreck every year or so, and photographing it in the process, shows that significant damage does occur but the wreck seems to be able to rejuvenate itself!


It was a really interesting experience and I documented it all in an article that is in the current issue of X-Ray and over the weekend I completed updating my site with a kind of "insiders guide" to the Liberty so that other divers can understand what I think I gleaned from the experience.


Here is the link to the insiders guide to the Liberty wreck and just follow the various links to the other pages.


Here is the link to the X-Ray article on the Liberty wreck.





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