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William Trubridge's world record freedive to 100 meters

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Hey guys,


I in no way had anything to do with the production of this video, but I wanted to share it just the same. For me, the incredible editing shows waht is possible with our footage. So often we put together little videos of dives, and that's great, but there is a chance to tell stories with our footage. This video makes me think outside the box. Hopefully you enjoy it too.


PS Paul Heinerth and Brian Kakuk provided the deep footage on top of their duties as safety.




This is the visual poem of William Trubridge's world record freedive to 100 meters (one hectometer, basically one football field length and back) in order to bring light to the plight of the world's smallest cetacean, the Hector's Dolphin of New Zealand. With one breath of air and diving without weights, fins or any propulsive assistance, William descended to 101 meters in the waters of Dean's Blue Hole, Bahamas, the deepest blue hole in the world.

This short documentary of the record attempts to transmit what it is like to freedive deep beneath the surface, and how we can return to explore our potential as an aquatic mammal in the search to help our endangered cousins of the seas.


Directed and Edited by Matthew Brown

Written and Produced by William Trubridge verticalblue.net

Director of Photography - Matthew Brown


Jason Sapp

Paul Heinerth

Brian Kakuk

Charlie Beede

Brian Pucella

Alfredo Romo

Paolo Valenti

Igor Liberti


Matthew Brown

Nic Rowan

Dolphin Footage - Liz Slooten, Steve Dawson, and NZ Whale and Dolphin Trust

Music Composed by Christopher Ward

Voice Coaches - Linda Trubridge and Gerry Dinnage


AIDA Judges - Ute Geßmann and Ben Weiss

Coach/Timekeeper - Brittany Trubridge

Deep Safety Divers - Paul Heinerth, Brian Kakuk, and Jason Sapp

Safety Divers - Charlie Beede, Brian Pucella, and Alfredo Romo

Still Photography by Igor Liberti and Paolo Valenti


Here's sort of the making-of/behind the scenes (basically bloopers) of the video, hehe tinyurl.com/73n99pz

shot on the naked Canon HV40 (R.I.P) and edited with Sony Vegas

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Cool. I wish Truebridge himself had done the spoken word bits, seeing as the credits seem to state that he wrote them.

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