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Consumer Digicams/Housing let down....!?

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HI Wetpixel masters!

I went to the consumer part of the forum and it seems amputated all old stuff is gone...I'm a keen Fuji f31 user and it seems to me like all the old stuff is wiped clean of!?

If that's the case it seems hardly fair as there is a new model out every 4-6 month so all "old" consumer camera fix's and tips are soon of your forum??

I know my camera is just about as old as they get but I bet there are still a few us left still using old cam's like the great Oly 5060/8080 etc...

My question is WHERE do we go now?? if you have decided to let us down...!?

Hope I'm wrong as I love this bundle of info/inspiration and great guy's & girl's always up for a newbie question etc

(Fuji f31,Dual Fantasea Nano's in DIY Ringflash+ Inon Macro)


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