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10Bar housing for Olympus E-PL3, Lumix DMW-MCTZ10 housing for DMC-ZS7, Ultralight tray, Ikelite charger, battery, cables and more

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When I go on dive trips, I tend to buy some gear, then sell it afterwards since I don't live anywhere that I can regularly dive / shoot. This works out better than renting, especially if I can find used gear to buy. I have sold here (full 7d Ikelite setup) as well as on ScubaBoard and POTN -- all under Iristyle.


In December I took a quick trip to the Caribbean and housed my Lumix DMC-ZS7 pocket cam since I needed something really small and was OK with something a little less serious. I recently returned from a longer trip where I housed an Olympus E-PL3 for a few weeks, so was OK with something a bit bigger but with more functionality. At one point, I used my 7d, with DS-160 strobes. Since I know that I intend to resell afterwards, I try to take great care of the gear -- I'm particular about long rinses in freshwater after every salt exposure, etc.


Some of the kit, I'm going to hold on to for next time, but some of the bigger ticket items I must part with for now. I'm getting everything listed now, and will provide pics later.


All gear includes original materials, manuals, and is in excellent shape unless otherwise noted. Prices are for PP cash, add 3% if using PP credit. Shipping is included - my choice of USPS priority, USPS first class or FedEx.




From Olympus setup - parts purchased in May from Bluewater Photo - used 2 weeks


* 10Bar E-PL3-Z housing for Olympus E-PL3 with dome port for 14-42 lens - paid $940 - ask $890

http://www.bluewater...s-e-pl3-housing - Scott has a good video review there

Somehow I managed to put a tiny surface scuff, about 3mm in length in the dome port -- probably from trying to get close to a nudibranch -- does not affect IQ. There are a couple of minor rubs on the outside of the dome, that again, do not affect performance.


* 10Bar 67mm Adapter for Semi-dome - paid $48, ask $40

Clips onto the front of the dome and allows a 67mm wet lens to be snapped on or off


* Bluewater Fiber cable from 10bar housing to Sea&Sea strobe - paid $50, ask $40

Does what it says ;0


From Lumix setup - parts purchased around Dec from Reef Photo, Amazon - used for 1 week


* Panasonic DMW-MCTZ10 housing for Lumix TZ8, TZ10 (ZS7) - paid $230 + $95 for adapter - ask $280

Will sell only with the Deeproof M67 MCTZ10 adapter for 67mm wet lenses


The housing was used (but looked brand new) from Amazon, the adapter was new


* Ulcs universal tray with two padded handles paid $90 used, ask $70

Was used when purchased. The tray has a taller handle, and a half-height handle -- worked well for me on both housings


* Inon Cap W35 - paid $30, ask $20

This is what you need to get a regular fiber cable to attach to the DMW-MCTZ10 housing - includes the special plastic cap piece that screw locks into the housing, reflector stickers, stickers for dimming the camera strobe, etc


Some older items that I didn't sell last time -- and forgot to relist!


* Ikelite 100/240V smart charger with international plugs - paid $100, ask $85



* Ikelite 4066.5 NiMh spare battery for DS-160, DS-125 - MSRP $165, ask $110

I got it used, but never had a problem


* Ikelite 9571.3 - 1" ball for Ikelite release handle extender - paid $25, ask $20


When I sold the 7d setup, I sold off one of these, but not the other -- whoops.



I have a couple of Sea&Sea strobes - YS-01 and YS-D1. I could be convinced to sell the YS-01, but only if it's going to go with one of the larger items.


* Sea & Sea YS-01 strobe - bought back for Dec trip, ask $400

If I sold this, I would include the ULCS ballhead adapter for Sea&Sea (paid about $25)



Pictures to come...

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As it turns out, I've decided to sell the Olympus E-PL3 as well to pay off some bills. This was purchased at the same time as the housing, but from Cameta


* Olympus E-PL3 Micro 4/3 camera (black) with 14-42mm II lens - ask $450


Asking $1300 for Housing + Camera bundle - this would cost you about $1640 brand new




All prices are negotiable, so make me an offer if you want to bundle and get a better deal or similar.

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