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still a long way to go to protect our sharks...

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Here are some of the comments- I find them uplifting to read....when I feel so down about this catastrophe of species becomIng extinct


Why did they need to kill this poor creature?

- laneyj, Crawley, West Sussex, 26/7/2012 3:30

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Morally wrong. If this guy had any clue of what he's doing he'd fill his counter with edible fish rather than show off this specimen of shark. Good sea anglers have good ethics: this guy has none.

- Heather, Sea Breeze, 26/7/2012 3:05

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Lets all gawp eh.... Nick Adam's.... kerching ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, should of just let the animal be.

- champster, the pool, 26/7/2012 3:20

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I am not sure what is worse, the fact this beautiful shark was killed or that it was reported in this manner, anyone nearby should express their disgust at this display and boycott this shop.

- Deborah Bluangel, Perth, Australia, 26/7/2012 18:11

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As a UK resident and shark conservationist, I find this article in extremely poor taste. Glorifying the death of such a magnificent creature, and one of rare size if the reported size is correct saddens me terribly. Yet again, the media uses the "Jaws" word when reporting a shark story, this bias is now seriously old hat and needs to be drastically rethought. I know this comment will get its detractors as they invariably do whenever people like myself comment, but this creature was merely going about its daily routines and has now become a forlorn figure used as a marketing tool for yet another fishmonger to get his business spread across the news. As mentioned in the earlier comments, this fish is on the IUCN list as an endangered species, yet that seems to matter not in the pursuit of money, just another example of man's greed before other life on the planet.

- Paul Gilhooley, Widnes, United Kingdom, 26/7/2012 20:35

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Its just as bad as Elephant or Rhino Poaching

- BEN, DOVER, 26/7/2012 18:40

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This is a disgraceful and irresponsible way to treat wildlife that is listed as vulnerable by the IUCN.

- Blue Planet Society, Bournemouth, 26/7/2012 17:29

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Reporter Anna Richards really missed the mark with this story didn't she? She had a golden opportunity to write up a piece about the perils of over fishing and the shocking wastefulness of the fishing industry. Instead she decided to go with some bum fluff about Jaws and the resulting photo opportunity garnered from this majestic animal's sad demise. This is an endangered species and anyone local to this Fishmonger should go point this out to them then boycott the place permanently.

- anon, anon, 26/7/2012 21:46

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This simply shows what is wrong with trawling - bycatch of rare and endangered species. The thresher shark is native to British waters (I was lucky enough to see one off Devon last year) but are rare. They are classed as 'vulnerable' on the IUCN Red List.

- Alasdair, London, UK, 26/7/2012 20:19

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This is obscene, how would it be if he had the head of a leopard on his counter? Or any other of the worlds endangered species

- Martin, Wistaston, 26/7/2012 17:31

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Read more: http://www.dailymail...l#ixzz23ksDwKXE



Can I go on a Tiger shoot please? I also want some Ivory trinkets and a bowl of shark fin soup too. I am honstly embrassed to be part of the human race, disgusting the way we treat our planet. I have been lucky enough to dive with thresher sharks in the Phillipines and I can tell you they look awsome swimming in their natural element but so ugly sliced up on a butchers slab.

- Paul, Reading, 27/7/2012 09:45

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Shark steaks are great, we should catch more of them to bring the price down then we could enjot it.

- Contax, Brigg, UK, 27/7/2012 01:43

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Read more: http://www.dailymail...l#ixzz23kpWJ8m4


I believe the tide is turning; the majority are more aware of the great benifit of a bio-diversant world gives to individual people everywhere- the English seem to be the most outstanding on this currently, I know the Germans and Belgiums are very passionate Naturalists too.

Inch by inch opposition to destructive, corrupted practices grows.

It's also heartening to see Sth American's geting a voice for this also.


It's been so onesided for to long- that economic rational trumps real science- I am confident of a 2 minutes to midnite turnaround with humanity redefining itself.....Progression!

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