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Hey all,


Im new to diving but have been taking underwater photos for afew years, I started off buying a fantasea housing for my 350d for way too much off ebay, picked it up in the dark 1 day before leaving to the Solomon's for a month. It was listed as new but when i got it out when we arrvied I just noticed, there were fractures all over and leaked for the whole trip. But i got some ok photos with it because we were only snorkeling


Solomon Islands


I recently got a new 10 bar housing and some ports for my GF1. Still getting used to it and apart from a dodgy memory card while diving the Yongala for one of the two dives, I'm pretty happy with the set up I've got. Just not the photos.




10 bar gf1 housing

Dome for 8mm

Flat port for 20mm

and a tray from optical ocean, I think it's the s-tray.


My question is, I am looking for some strobes for my set up. I've been eyeing off the Ys-d1 from sea & sea, that said if that's not the best for my set up I understand. I'm trying to get my head around how to get ttl for my set up. I've got as far as knowing I need to decide between flash sync or nikonos pin connector. I would probably prefer the nikonos connector just because with the dome port on, the sync cord screw point is pretty much touching the port. If anyone has any experience or a list of options for this, I would be greatful.


Thanks all.



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