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Just got my Aquatica 5D mkIII housing :)

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Just opened the box on my Aquatica 5D mkIII housing, and since I can't go diving tonight I will share my initial impressions and gloat like a proud new father.


My Initial impressions (contrast to 7D aquatica)

  • new camera mounting system works very well (camera crews to plate nicely and slided in perfectly)
  • I can easily access all primary controls with hands will on grips (including video record). ISO is still on top of camera, off grip, but you can get to it via the Q menu button easily enough (on grip at a stretch)
  • it's got 5 accessory ports (one on bottom if you're in desperate I imagine), nice as I'll need 4 eventually
  • All controls/buttons work perfectly
  • shutter is very nice, half press is no problem and very accurate
  • they did a nice job of the mode dial lock
  • they did a nice job on the zoom gear retractor system
  • they did a nice job on the AF-ON & * control
  • 5dmkIII menus are easy to naviage despite the joystick not being exposed through housing (like the 7D)
  • Viewfinder through the Aquaview is 100% visible and super bright
  • the housing sits on a flat surface very nicely (feet seem to be more pronounced/sturdy than the 7D)
  • the camera is really snug, so I'm not too sure about the mini led strobes I've seen to date. I was looking at the triggerfish but it appears to be too big based on specs alone.

My biggest issue now is deciding whether to get the straight viewfinder or 45? Peter at Scubapix.com has kindly sent me both so I can pick, though it's made the decision harder.


Jean, great job and I can't wait to get it in the water tomorrow.



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Dont forget to put your port on!!! smile.png


Is that what the domed looking thing is for?

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