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Hi guys,


A video from two dives on the wreck of the Henry Desprez, a tanker sank during the WWII in the South of Italy.


Normally I would have thrown away some clips, especially at the beginning of the video but this is a dive very difficult to organize and I tried to edit the video giving the viewer the opportunity to understand what I'm shooting and where it is located on the ship.


I've still lot to learn on light position. While the lights are capable to cover the fisheye entire field I had to stove and move the light several times to enter inside the wreck. Through the camera small display is difficult to understand if the entire field is lightened.

The camera is mounted on a scooter. It's very important that the entire setup is neutrally buoyant but at 50m/164ft. the setup became immediately very heavy and I discovered that the Stix Jumbo float were squeezed like marshmallows so moving the scooter/camera was a pita.



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